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From logos and corporate identity, to brochures, publications, cards & banners, and more, KMDC's graphic design and print design services will make your business or organization look great and get your message across clearly and concisely. We are experts in InDesign and are ready to take you from idea to finished piece. 



For years, KMDC has been helping our clients with their graphic and print design needs by creating graphic design solutions tailored to each project. We are experienced in commercial graphics, photography, advertising, and printing and we offer a full range of design, printing, advertising, and marketing services for both print and new media. We work closely with you throughout your entire project to to develop a successful project.


Need help with content too?

  • Successful advertising campaigns rely on copy as much as image.
  • KMDC offers copywriting services and has an on staff copy editor.
  • We specialize in copy writing for the cosmetic and beauty industry.
  • KMDC provides compelling product descriptions for ecommerce.

 See Our Work

Good art sends a different message to everyone.
Good design sends the same message to everyone.


Let us work one-on-one to come up with a solution for you today.

We dig deep to learn about you business and with this forged understanding our goal is to make the maximally monetize your website through online sales as well as lead generation and increased traffic to brick and mortar locations. With Kurt Malec Design + Consulting, print and web work together seamless to allow your brand maximun exposure.

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