The b Positive Project

 The b Positive Project approached KMDC in mid 2012 in need of an overhaul of their current websites. The company was running a basic Wordpress blog and Shopify site. There was no unification of design and both websites felt disparate and did not instill confidence to a visitor and potential customer. By working with KMDC, the b Positive project created a professional website that reflected the quality of their brand and the integrity of the organization.


Project Details

  • Eliminated dual backends and consolidated all content to Shopify.
  • Created a unified look at feel for the site, making transition from content to shopping seamless.
  • Worked with their in-house designer to maintain current brand standards.
  • Streamlined brand focus and message.
  • Identified revenue streams and expanded upon them.

Project Gallery

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  • Interior Page 2
  • Interior Page
  • Homepage

Future Work

  • Revisit branding and update look and feel.
  • Create a "lifestyle" website with equal focus on the b Positive message as shopping.
  • Create a dynamic event calendar.
  • Expand custom screen printing and partnership revenue streams.


Online sales have increased well over 300% YTD and site traffic is great increased. Wiht our help, and their team's hard work, the b Positive project has expanded their footprint beyond the Boston market and now has brand ambassadors and fans across the country. The b Positive Project has retained KMDC services and is excited to be working together on the next phase of the project.

Good art sends a different message to everyone.
Good design sends the same message to everyone.


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