Lynn Graham

I love designing, weddings and bunnies; I'm Lynn Graham, a graphic designer at KMDC.

In addtion to designing at KMDC, I owne my own sucessful wedding design stuido lynn graham designs!

I received my bachelor's degree from Boston University's College of Communication in 2002. With 5 years of experience in print production, I soon discovered my true calling when I created my own wedding invitations and website in 2006. My passion is producing unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for any type of client. Whether it be a business card or a website, my enthusiasm for graphic design will take your project to where it needs to be. I currently lives in Brookline with her husband, Mark Graham, and hopes to own a bunny one day. These plans will quickly be abandoned, however, when Robert Pattinson finally responds to my emails.


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Good art sends a different message to everyone.
Good design sends the same message to everyone.


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