United Gear

An interestingly creative website was designed for our manufacturing company. We have received several great comments about our site and are pleased with the timeliness and over input they had to when building our website. Thank you Kurt Malec Design + Consulting.

Robin Sabine, Office Mananger United Gear & Machine Co. Edwards

Fleur Irisee

KMDC did a fantastic job managing and executing my company's website and design projects; moreover, the exclusive added-value was their gift for intuitive creativity and high standards.

Kristin Kim, COO Fleur Irisee

It’s been so great to work with Kurt over the years. He is professional, smart, and always takes the time to answer any questions you might have. He does a great job marketing LCN USA products and is passionate about his work.

Tim Crowley, Senior Editor NAILS Magazine

Kurt is an absolute pleasure to work with. Bright and enthusiastic, Kurt is highly creative in both design work and also in contibuting conceptual and strategic ideas to a project. He knows how to manage people and resources, building a culture of execution. He communicated excellently with other staff and clients forging relationships that catalyzed the business. Kurt impressed me by taking an interest in exploring all facets of the business, gaining an understanding that afforded valuable insights into areas beyond his department. I wholeheartedly recommend him

Sarah Hodkinson, Director of Marketing & Sales Strategy, PayPal Media Network

Kurt has been a valuable asset to LCN’s marketing and branding over the past 6 years. The work he has done developing our online store has set us apart from our competition and has brought us beyond our expectations of what having a website could do for our business. He has a passion for our business that is exemplified in every project he delivers.

Jennifer Swan, LCN USA Director of Operations
BKN Supply

We have worked with Kurt Malec Design + Consulting in designing our new website. Thier knowledge, willingness to explore new avenues and their professionalism are bar none. The KMDC team adheres to deadlines and has met all our expectations as web designers. Kurt is a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend him to other companies who are looking for professionalism.

Tina Saller, BKN Supply & Bobkat Naturals

Good art sends a different message to everyone.
Good design sends the same message to everyone.


Let us work one-on-one to come up with a solution for you today.

We dig deep to learn about you business and with this forged understanding our goal is to make the maximally monetize your website through online sales as well as lead generation and increased traffic to brick and mortar locations. With Kurt Malec Design + Consulting, print and web work together seamless to allow your brand maximun exposure.

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